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Notebook is a sometimes engaging, often difficult book of blank-verse sonnets collected over the course of Lowells lifetime by the poet himself. The sonnets are used in various ways -- as complete, discrete poems, as snapshots of larger pictures, as stanzas in near-epic works ... these are rarely love poems but almost uniformly meditations on an aspect of a thing, whether it be time, a single action, or something else. In doing so Lowell has launched an experiment that only a person with his talent, scope, and to some degree celebrity could make interesting.A particular standout is his The Nihilist as Hero, the first poem in the larger work We Do What We Are:All our French poets can turn an inspired line,but which has written six passable in sequence?said Valery. That was a happy day for Satan ...One wants words meat-hooked from the living steer,but the cold flame of tinfoil licks the metal log,the beautifully unchanging fire of childhoodbetraying a monotony of vision.Life by definition breeds on change,each season we scrap new cars and wars and women.Sometimes when I am ill or delicate,the pinched flame of my match turns living green,the cornstalk in green tails and seeded tassel ...A nihilist has to live in the world as is,gazing the impossible summit to rubble.Notebook is probably not the best introduction to Lowell. That honor would fall probably to Life Studies or possibly Lord Wearys Castle.Also, I was reading this book in line at the campus cafeteria. The sweet-faced young girl working the line watched me reading and said, Oh ... I love Nicholas Sparks. I smiled.

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