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This was the very first Koontz book I ever read, after a failed attempt at “Strangers”. I was thirteen at the time, so complex novels like “Strangers” were not yet in my range. “The Mask” certainly isn’t complex. Compared to “Whispers”, which was very detailed character wise, this one comes off rather shallow. A lot is happening in this story, but it’s like Koontz had to obey a maximum word count or something. The ending is also very abrupt; you’d almost think the final chapter or epilogue has been ripped out.Carol and Paul Tracy are in the process of adopting a child, when Carol accidentally runs over a teenage girl, afflicted with amnesia. Carol decides to take the girl in and help her regain her memory. Meanwhile, both her husband Paul and long time friend and mentor Grace Mitowski are plagued by paranormal phenomena, warning them of oncoming danger.The book is very occult in nature. There are so many supernatural elements in it, it’s almost overexposure. Next to Koontz’s favorite topic of hypnosis and regression therapy, we have phone calls from the dead, visits from ghosts, poltergeist activities, divine or demonic intervention (although it could be interpreted as mere coincidence, like the lightning scene), even a slight case of demonic possession and of course the big one, reincarnation.The characters are clearly overwhelmed by all these extraordinary forces, and we know close to nothing about them. There’s a very short history exposition, an attempt to give them a little baggage, but it’s very light compared to other books and it’s also limited to only one of the characters. Yet all of this weirdness grants the story a fast pace, so you don’t really have time to notice the absence of any character development.The idea behind it all is very good, though there are several plot holes and it needs quite a suspension of disbelief. It’s like Koontz is trying too hard to make it creepy enough, meanwhile forgetting to fill in the details.But perhaps I’m simply nitpicking, because I wouldn’t call it a bad book. That would be rather lame, since it IS the book that got me hooked on Koontz. It’s certainly exciting, mysterious, and I imagine many people will rush through it in one sitting. To use a culinary metaphor, it’s a tasty amuse to make the guest anticipate the main course, but the chef should think a bit more about his presentation.

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